Discover the Acea Group online 2019 Consolidated Report

Comprehensive Consolidated Income Statement


€ thousand20192018Change
Net income for the period307,177284,69922,478
Profit/Loss from conversion of financial statements expressed in foreign currency36727987
Reserve for exchange differences(5,299)(11,103)5,804
Tax reserve for exchange differences1,2722,665(1,393)
Gains/losses from exchange rate difference(4,028)(8,438)4,411
Effective portion of profits/(losses) on hedging instruments ("cash flow hedges")(2,019)22,657(24,675)
Tax effect of other gains/(losses) on hedging instruments ("cash flow hedges")1,108(5,686)6,795
Profit/Loss From the Effective Portion on Hedging Instruments net of tax effect(910)16,970(17,881)
Actuarial gains/(losses) on employee benefits recognised in equity(6,424)5,101(11,525)
Tax effect on the other actuarial profit/(loss) on staff benefit plans585(1,487)2,072
Actuarial Profit/(Loss) on defined benefit pension plans net of tax effect(5,839)3,613(9,452)
Total components of other comprehensive income, net of tax effect(10,411)12,424(22,835)
Total comprehensive income/loss296,766297,123(357)
Total comprehensive income (loss) attributable to:
Minority interests23,83414,2289,607