Discover the Acea Group online 2019 Consolidated Report

Operating figures, equity and financial results for the year


Operating dataU.M.31/12/201931/12/2018Change% Change
WTE confermentkTon437466(29)(6.2)%
Net Electrical Energy transferredGWh327355(28)(7.9)%
Waste coming into Orvieto plantskTon100891112.1%
Waste Recovered/Disposed ofkTon68256511620.6%
   of which     
   Incoming waste composting plants, sludge and liquids disposed ofkt5774809820.3%
   Slag and Ash produced by WTEkt7386(13)(14.6)%
   Sorting plant incoming waste (Demap)kt31031n.s.
Equity and financial results(€ million)31/12/201931/12/2018Change% Change
Operating profit/(loss) (EBIT)21.138.4(17.4)(45.2)%
Average headcount389360298.1%
Net financial debt256.5203.652.926.0%
EBITDA(€ million)31/12/201931/12/2018Change% Change
EBITDA - Environment Segment52.065.6(13.6)(20.8)%
EBITDA - Group1,042.3933.2109.111.7%
Percentage weight5.0%7.0%(2.0 p.p.)

The Segment closed the financial year 2019 with an EBITDA of € 52.0 million (- 20.8%). This result is mainly attributable to Acea Ambiente (- € 17.6 million) due mainly to lower revenues from CIP 6 tariffs which, although extended until 31 July 2019, produced a reduction of € 16.7 million and other residual effects such as lower revenues from electricity sold and contributions related to the San Vittore plant in Lazio because of a prolonged plant shutdown and higher costs for tariff increases on Co2. The EBITDA of the Segment also increased due to the change in the scope of consolidation as a result of the first-time consolidation of the company Demap (+ € 1.8 million) and Berg (+ € 0.5), partially offset by Bioecologia (- € 0.2 million). Finally, the first application of IFRS 16 resulted in a benefit to EBITDA in terms of lower costs for leases and rentals for € 1.0 million.

The average number of staff as at 31 December 2019 was 389, 29 more than the previous year. The growth is mainly due to the consolidation of Berg (+ 4 units) and Demap (+ 7 units), as well as to the increases recorded by Bioecologia (+ 9 units) and Acea Ambiente (+ 8 units).

Investments in the area amounted to € 51.9 million, up by € 31.9 compared to the previous year, and mainly refer to (i) revamping at the Monterotondo Marittimo plant; the inauguration of the expansion of the plant for the treatment of composting waste and anaerobic digestion took place on 10 October;; (ii) works carried out at the WTE plants in Terni and San Vittore; (iii) works to extend the landfill located in Orvieto.

The financial indebtedness of the Segment stood at € 256.5 million, a decrease of € 52.9 million compared to the previous year. This trend is essentially due to the lower cash-in from CIP 6 and the pay-out related to the acquisition of equity investments during the year. The first application of IFRS 16, on the other hand, increased the financial debt by € 4.7 million. The change in the scope of consolidation net of the application of IFRS 16 contributed positively for € 0.7 million.