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Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows


€ thousand31/12/2019Related parties31/12/2018Related partiesChange
Cash flow from operating activities     
Profit before tax from continuing operations430,390 409,033 21,357
Depreciation/amortisation409,557 366,839 42,718
Write-ups/write-downs22,862 18,428 4,434
Change in the provision for employee benefits5,268 (51,861) 57,129
Change in employee severance indemnities(10,708) (7,105) (3,603)
Net financial debt interest90,302 82,859 7,443
Income taxes paid(132,617) (79,145) (53,471)
Financial flows generated by operating activities before changes815,0540739,048076,006
Increases in receivables included in the working capital(118,892)(15,816)98,720(69,302)(217,612)
Increase/decrease in payables included in the working capital41,729(13,180)(15,544)(11,555)57,273
Increase/(decrease) in inventories(7,447) (7,623) 176
Change in working capital(84,610)(28,997)75,553(80,858)(160,163)
Change in other assets/liabilities during the period39,137 (89,910) 129,047
TOTAL CASH FLOW FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES769,581(28,997)724,690(80,858)44,891
Cash flow from investment activities     
Purchase/sale of tangible fixed assets(431,036) (241,607) (189,429)
Purchase/sale of intangible fixed assets(361,740) (375,276) 13,536
Purchase of equity investments in subsidiaries(43,703) (5,570) (38,133)
Collections/payments deriving from other financial investments(177,824)(30,620)116,038(39,283)(293,862)
Collected dividends16,78716,7878,6128,6128,175
Interest income collected20,588 20,643 (55)
TOTAL CASH FLOW FROM INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES(976,928)(13,833)(477,160)(30,671)(499,769)
Cash flow from financing activities     
Repayment of mortgages and long-term loans(313,642) (380,862) 67,220
Provision of mortgages/other debts and medium to long term500,000 1,000,000 (500,000)
Decrease/Increase in other financial debts(89,136)78,989(233,453)(2,415)144,317
Interest expense paid(109,302) (108,340) (962)
Dividends paid(73,795)(73,795)(137,379)(137,379)63,583
TOTAL CASH FLOW FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES(85,875)5,194139,966(139,793)(225,842)
Cash flow for the period(293,223)(8,639)387,497(251,322)(680,720)
Net opening balance of cash and cash equivalents1,068,138 680,641 387,497
Cash availability from acquisition60,778 0 60,778
Net closing balance of cash and cash equivalents835,693 1,068,138 (232,445)

Amounts in € thousand