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Energy market

In 2019, electricity demand in Italy (equal to 319,597 GWh)3 increased by 0.6% compared to the same period of the previous year. 88.8% of electricity requirements were covered by national (Italian) production and the remaining share, amounting to 12.2%, was covered by imports from abroad (balance of imports down by 13.1% compared to last year). The net national production (238,846 GWh) showed an increase of 1.4% compared to 2018. Specifically, electricity produced from thermal production sources increased by 1.3%, as did electricity produced from wind systems (- 14.3%) and solar systems (+ 9.3%), while energy produced by water (- 5.9%) and geothermal sources (- 1.2%) dropped.

With regard to the results of the Italian electric power market, volumes traded in Italy grew only slightly on an annual basis (+0.1%) to 295.8 TWh.

Volumes traded on the power exchange increased by 0.2% to 213.3 TWh, while volumes traded over the counter, recorded on the PCE and named on the MGP, decreased to 82.6 TWh (- 0.1%). The market's liquidity thus stood at 72.1%, remaining stable for the third consecutive year at an all-time high, increasing by 0.1% over 2018.


During 2019, the average energy purchase price (PUN) recorded an average value of € 52.32/MWh, down by € 8.99/MWh com- pared to 2018 (- 14.7%). An analysis of hourly segments showed downward trends both in off-peak hours, where there was a decrease of € 8.79/MWh (- 15.3%) and in peak hours, where there was a decrease of € 9.35/MWh (- 13.7%). Prices stood at € 48.7/ MWh and € 59.12/MWh respectively.

The peak/baseload price ratio was 1.13 (+ 0.01 compared to 2018).


Zone sales prices range from € 50.89/MWh in the South to € 62.77/MWh in Sicily. There was a clear annual reduction in sales prices and an alignment in the peninsular areas and in Sardinia at a value of € 51-52 €/MWh.

DAM: Sale Prices6

Domestic purchases totalled 289.0 TWh, down 1.0%. The analysis by area shows a reduction in purchases in the North (- 1.5%) and in Sicily (- 1.9%).

Purchases of energy in foreign areas (exports), amounting to 6.8 TWh, grew sharply (+82.6%) to one of the highest levels recorded to date. 

The sales of electricity produced nationally reached 250.7 TWh, a decisive increase compared to a year ago (+ 1.3%). The changes observed, in particular in the Centre North (+ 4.9%), Sardinia (+ 2.3%) and the South (+ 1.9%) were offset by decreases in the Centre South (- 4.2%).

Energy sales in foreign areas (imports) dropped, reaching 45.1 TWh (- 6.1%).

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