Discover the Acea Group online 2019 Sustainability Report

Acea's History

Established in 1909 as Azienda Elettrica Municipale (AEM) of the Town of Rome, Acea is responsible for the development and management of the Rome’s essential infrastructure, thus providing the electricity and water services required to guarantee the productive growth, social development and environmental balance of the city. Throughout its history, Acea has taken advantage of the opportunities that came from the market, the regulatory context and its stakeholders, thus adapting its corporate and operating setup to the most functional and efficient models, such as being listed on the Stock Exchange in 1999 and the opening to qualified strategic partners.
Starting from the local dimension, Acea has gradually become a nationwide industrial group, thus working in the areas of integrated water management, electricity production, distribution and sales and environmental services. The current development guidelines set out in the strategic plans are characterized by the consolidation of its leadership position in the water industry, where the renewal of the Peschiera Aqueduct concession and the related planned improvement investments were particularly important as well as the expansion of both the geographical area of interest of the Group, with reference to Central Italy, and the businesses managed: in the sector of energy production from renewable sources to the circular economy and the distribution of gas.
Technological innovation and digitalization are the levers that make it possible to pursue operating efficiency and high quality of services, thus improving the development of modern network infrastructure that are resilient and integrated, as well as able to promise widespread, sustainable development.