Discover the Acea Group online 2019 Sustainability Report

Consolidated External Costs

In 2019, the Group’s consolidated external costs totalled about € 1.94 billion (+0.9% compared to 2018). This change was due to the effects of opposing trends, including on the one hand the increase in costs brought about by the change in the scope of consolidation, and on the other hand the reduction in costs for the purchase of energy efficiency instruments, for the use of leased assets and for contingent liabilities. Finally, it should be noted that the operating expenses last year also included the registration of the administrative fine imposed by the AGCM, which was then cancelled by the regional administrative court.
Procurement of goods, services and works related to the Group Companies subject to reporting75 are managed by the Purchases and Logistics Function of the Parent Company, and in 2019 recorded a value of about € 1.2 billion.

75 Except for the Gesesa and Gori Companies, which are not centrally managed. Note that the value of the 2019 orders of the two Companies totals € 87 million (75 million Gori and 12 Gesesa), which add up to about € 1.2 billion indicated in the text.