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Customers and the community

Scope of reference

Data pertaining to the volume of customers, apart from the Companies Acea Energia, Areti, and, in the water segment, to the Companies Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, Gesesa and Gori, also includes data related to other water companies (Acque, Publiacqua, AdF and Umbra Acque) – that are not included in the NFS scope – highlighting the single contribution for the sole purpose of providing a “global” dimension. Data pertaining to perceived quality, delivered quality, tariffs, customer care and communication activities relates to the operating companies – Acea Energia, Areti, Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5 and, where possible, Gesesa and Gori – and the Parent Company – as recalled in the text.

Electricity and water services