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Energy Segment - Overview

Scope of reference

The Energy Segment chapter includes Areti, Acea Produzione, Acea Ambiente’s plants and Ecogena’s data, the latter in terms of energy produced and Energy Efficiency Certificates. The waste to energy activities are described in the chapter Environment Segment – Waste Management.

The Group oversees the entire electricity supply chain thanks to the operations of companies that, as required by the regulation of the electricity market, are independent of each other.

In particular, Acea is active in the production of electricity and heat seeking to increase the share from renewable sources; in the distribution of electricity in the Rome and Formello areas, including the management of public lighting; and in the sale of electricity, heat and gas.

Acea is also committed to innovation applied to the management of networks – remote management and smart grid – having to manage, for example, prosumers connected to its energy distribution network, whose flows of electricity generation and consumption are no longer one-way (see also the chapters Customers and the community and Institutions and the company).