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Communications, events and solidarity

 Communications, events and solidarity



The communications policy and the development of the Group’s image are managed by the External Relations and Communications Department, which draws up, steers and coordinates communications and institutional, journalistic and commercial information initiatives.

For the main external communications, the Advertising, Brand Image and Events Unit oversees the promotion of the brand, the management of the corporate identity, the implementation of institutional, advertising and commercial campaigns and the organisation of public or institutional events, the development and management of environmental education and solidarity projects, as well as special projects and external events aimed at strengthening the link between Acea and the region, the design and implementation of photographic services and the production of videos of various types according to the needs of the Group, the management of the Group’s modern and historical archive, both documentary and photographic and the development of Acea sites for educational and cultural purposes.

In accordance with the strategic guidelines defined by the Top Management, the Digital and Corporate Media Unit ensures the Group’s correct positioning in the digital ecosystem through the development and management of the institutional website, the websites of the Companies that align with the digital identity and social channels. It manages the processing and updating of corporate, operating and commercial editorial content for the various digital, web and social channels.

In 2019 Acea Communication, the internal communication and media planning agency serving the Group, whose trademark was filed during the year, was further consolidated. The agency was in charge of all phases of the advertising campaigns, from conception to publication and dissemination. Acea Communication’s team of specialists, analysts, art directors, photographers, graphic designers, copywriters and business and media planners has created creative concepts, executive copy, adaptations, multimedia products, logos, image consulting and planning for all Acea’s communications campaigns. This has led to speedy execution and and a significant reduction in production and delivery costs, with a reinvestment of resources in advertising plans that have involved national media.

In September 2019, Acea Communication won the 16th Press Best Campaign Editor’s Choice Key Award for the “Why? – Together for Water” campaign for the following reason: “For the ability to reach the highest level of communication with an evocative image and strong impact able to achieve very high emotional effects by raising awareness regarding an important issue such as saving water”. Among the 2019 advertising campaigns, the first major national television campaign of the Acea Group: in May and July the institutional spot aired on Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Discovery Channels and local TV in Lazio over a thousand times. Also worth mentioning is the campaign “Acea Scuola – Let’s Defend Water!” in the press and on the web dedicated to raising awareness with respect to water, which involved 10,000 students from schools in Rome.

Some advertising campaigns in the press or in the press and on the web were launched in conjunction with major events organized by Acea during the year, and in particular Innovation Day, Sustainability Day (see the boxes in the chapter Institutions and the company and in the chapter Strategy and sustainability of Corporate identity), the exhibition 110 Years of Light in Rome and Acea’s participation in Ecomondo (see the box in Relations with the environment).

Acea Scuola – DifendiAMO l’acqua


Acea School is the environmental education programme proposed by Acea for students of schools in Rome and the Metropolitan City. Sponsored by the Department of People, School and Community Solidarity and by the National Institute of Health, the initiative conveys information and content concerning the water cycle, the energy supply chain and waste valorisation in accordance with a sustainable development compatible with the environment.

The edition developed for the 2018/2019 school year called Let’s defend water involved 180 schools. Approximately 10,000 students from primary and secondary schools participated. Thanks to a new format and a new technological, interactive organization, the initiative was divided into eight days held at the Auditorium della Conciliazione to tell the story of the water cycle with a recreation-educational approach focusing on the importance of the responsible use of water. The ceiling and walls of the Auditorium turned into a huge 270° screen that enveloped and engaged students with high-definition, high- impact images that reproduced the long journey of water from the spring to the tap at home. The children thus had the opportunity to learn about Acea’s daily work in the management of the water service, thanks to educational videos.

This initiative, conceived as an educational tool to raise students’ awareness regarding the topic of sustainability, was associated with the contest “What would you do ro defend water”. Indeed, the students of the participating institutions were able to make a 30-second video message on water conservation, and the ten best works earned a cash award from Acea for the schools of the winning students.

Several initiatives of the operating Companies were also accompanied by communication campaigns, so, for example, in June the positioning campaign of Acea Energia went live on static and dynamic posters, press, web, radio and cinema through September. The campaign was distinguished by the maxi sustainable posters placed in central areas of the capital. In fact, the ads were made with a special fabric able to absorb, retain and disintegrate the polluting molecules present in the air.

Overall, this particular advertisement has led to the absorption of pollutants produced by 13,639 cars. Another campaign carried out in the autumn concerned the launch of the commercial offer “Acea Doubled”, using static and dynamic posters, press, web, radio, TV and cinema (see also the section Customer care).

For Acea Ato 2, communications on the water bonus were conveyed through posters, printed materials and the web, and both Acea Ato 2 and Acea Ato 5 launched another campaign via web and posters to make customers aware of the use of digital tools. Also worthy of note are the numerous communication visuals that accompanied the events supported by Acea, the Group’s sponsorship initiatives and internal communication projects with dedicated advertising pages.


110 years since Acea’s founding, some initiatives were planned to celebrate the anniversary. Among these, the exhibition 110 Years of Light. Acea and Rome. Passion and innovation, held from 23 October 2019 to 26 January 2020 at the Montemartini power plant, the first public power station in the capital for the production of electricity.

The aim of the exhibition was to describe the strong link that has been established between Acea’s operations and the Capital’s development. The exhibited materials, many shown for the first time, were also made available in a catalogue. Visitors were able to retrace the progressive construction and evolution of infrastructure and the consequent availability of electricity and appreciate the constant search for modernisation.

The exhibition design was developed across 13 islands, including some dedicated to the lighting of major events of the last century, such as the 1960 Olympics and the Jubilee, and others on artistic and monumental lighting, recalling the numerous projects over the years. All this also thanks to the generosity of numerous lenders, including the Central State Archive, the Archive of Capitoline Museums, Rai, Istituto Luce, the Archive of the Presidency of the Republic, which, together with the Acea Archive, made it possible to put together an exhibition extraordinarily rich in documentation.

Other initiatives carried out to celebrate the anniversary included the permanent exhibition held at Acea headquarters, the press conference presenting the project together with institutional representatives and the design of the celebratory logo as part of a dedicated communications campaign.

Like every year, Acea also welcomed visitors to its facilities who benefited from the generous spirit and expertise the company’s employees. In 2019 2,323 people from Italy and abroad were received during 35 visits. Visitors to the Group’s facilities included university scholars (from the Universities of Rome La Sapienza and Roma Tre, Connecticut and Texas), delegations of foreign institutions (for example the Embassy of the United States of America), journalists for televised reports, numerous schoolchildren and members of the public who visited the facilities during the FAI days.

The Eur Water Centre was also used as a location for a music video.

The Digital and Corporate Media Unit defines the digital strategy and manages communications on the digital channels of the Acea Group. The new website went live on 5 June 2019 with a design that reflects the Group’s values, mission and new industrial positioning.

The new corporate website is the result of an in-depth analysis the digital strategy, with a distinctive approach to visual communications and a clear, transparent organization of the content. Its navigation is smooth and intuitive thanks to an original layout and new graphics, completely renewed in line with the Group’s brand identity.

By employing an effective, engaging language and the use of images and videos, Acea promotes its people, skills and daily commitment to the regions it operates in.

The result of the work on the Group’s corporate website and on the entire digital ecosystem made it possible for Acea to be recognized as best improver in the Webranking Italy 2019- 2020. This study assesses the transparency of communications on the digital channels of the main listed companies. Acea was also included in the “gold class” of the first edition of “.trust”, the analysis conducted by Lundquist that assesses the ability of Italian listed companies to tell their story in a clear, engaging way, positioning themselves in the most virtuous quadrant corresponding to “narrators”.

For each initiative and press conference of the Group, press releases, pages dedicated to the events, a photo gallery and videos were published in the Media section of the website www.gruppo. Therefore the main events and significant initiatives of 2019 have been promoted on the Group’s website, including with the creation of dedicated web pages. In addition to the events already mentioned, Acea’s participation in Maker Faire Rome also enjoyed broad visibility and highlighted events of great resonance that the Group has long associated its brand with through sponsorships, such as the Rome Marathon and the Film Festival. For activities aimed at the educational world, the section “Acea School” dedicated to Acea’s school programme was updated on the website with an “immersive” project focused on sustainability and water conservation.

One of the main new developments introduced in the institutional website was a section dedicated to innovation, which describes Acea’s commitment to this area: from the services offered to the public to the development of skills and new solutions that can improve people’s lives. The section includes a hub dedicated to Acea’s innovation stories, which represent a new way of narrating business activities, people’s work and company initiatives for the community and the territory.

The choice of presenting different narratives seeks to involve stakeholders in the life of the company, showing how Acea’s work combines a human dimension, technology and sustainability.

Sustainability is highlighted as a guiding value for the Company on all pages of the website. Indeed, in addition to being discussed in the section “Our commitment”, sustainability becomes a cross-cutting value, with insights and references to initiatives and projects dedicated to each area.

Mention should also be made of the communication of artistic lighting projects for monuments in the capital to enhance their cultural and artistic heritage, and symbolic lighting to raise public awareness of the importance of preventing diseases such as breast cancer, which testifies to the company’s sensitivity to issues with a high social impact.

For the Shareholders’ Meeting, the “Browseable Reports” of the Acea Group were published, which make the Consolidated Financial Statements and Sustainability Report accessible interactively, with open data and multimedia content. The online reports present Acea’s results, values and projects and provide the possibility of capturing the multiple threads that link the two annual reports in a single frame.

The website also performs a service function with the real-time publication of warnings about possible water suspensions affecting the areas the company operates in, providing users with timely updates.

For some years the data related to emissions have been available. They are monitored in real time and concern the two Acea waste-to-energy plants. The main quality parameters of the water supplied by the Companies active in the water segment can be consulted online. It is also possible to view online the emissions data of the plant of Tor di Valle.

Due to the transition from a single Group website to the creation of two separate websites – the corporate website ( and the one related to commercial activities ( – the 2019 statistical data are not fully comparable with those of the previous year. In recent years, however, both the steady increase in mobile access to the website and the concentration of visitors between the ages of 25 and 44 are confirmed73.

In particular, approximately 23.8 million pages were viewed on the Group’s website during the year, equivalent to almost 5.8 million accesses. The connection methods were 65.4% via desktop (3,778,706 accesses), 31.4% via mobile (1,813,704 accesses) and 3.2% via tablet (184,427 accesses). As regards the Acea Energia website (, during the year more than 2 million visits were recorded, also in this case mainly from desktop (62.5%) and mobile (33.7%).

The website, dedicated to the sale of energy and gas on the free market, offers quick, user-friendly navigation with original, innovative usability features to facilitate customer journeys and interactions with all touchpoints. During the year, commercial offers and information guides were published that clearly respond to the most common demands of the energy market. A section dedicated to stories was also put online discussing issues related to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector.

There were fewer visitors to the website www.servizioelettricoroma. it dedicated to customers of the standard market service, with about 182,000 accesses, 58.7% of them via desktop and 37.6% via mobile.




Since March 2019 Acea has been active on the major social media with its corporate channels. An important step to strengthen communication with its stakeholders through digital channels with modern, immediate and engaging language and through the use of captivating images, videos and visuals (see the box for details).


Towards the end of the first quarter of 2019, Acea entered the main social media channels where it carefully supervises its presence. An effective and evocative storytelling strategy has been defined, in line with the tone of voice of the Group website, to convey the key business messages. The content reflects the company’s dynamic character, the promotion of its people and its commitment to local communities.

Specific activities like video shorts and influencer marketing projects have been planned to promote the main events. Acea Group’s Facebook channel has about 2,275 followers and has achieved a total of over 28,900 interactions.

Thanks to constant moderation, user requests received on the page are directed to dedicated support channels.

The Instagram profile has about 1,550 followers and has received 6,600 interactions.

With direct and informal communication and an important use of images, the channel seeks to engage and excite users, offering suggestive content and stories of the company’s projects.

The Twitter profile has over 4,300 followers who interact with Acea through comments and sharing (10,200 interactions). It is one of the main touchpoints for updates on corporate content and Group results, as well as for interaction with various institutional stakeholders.

The LinkedIn profile, active for some years now, saw an increase in the number of followers in 2019 (33,630 followers, approximately +65% compared to 2018) with a consequent increase in conversations and interactions (approximately 16,300). Acea has consolidated its presence on this channel, strengthening its role as a multiutility, also in order to attract talent and skills.

The YouTube profile is active as well, with 858 subscribers and collects all Acea’s videos.

In addition to the corporate profiles, the company is present on Facebook and Instagram with Acea Energia.

Both channels are used for the promotion of electricity and gas offers and for the dissemination of commercial initiatives on the free market.

Facebook, with 13,629 followers (+5.4% compared to 2018) has consolidated itself as an important touchpoint for managing customer requests, including through the invitation to use online services available in the MyAcea customer area of the website The Instagram profile (520 followers) also tells of events such as the Silent Disco Party held in Piazza del Popolo.

Acea’s communications with the national and local media and managed by the Media Relations Unit are always characterized by timeliness, effectiveness and transparency, with the aim of conveying the correct corporate image and the Group’s position through the media.

In 2019 press releases and press conferences disclosed the financial results achieved, the initiatives implemented by the Group and information of public interest related to the managed services. In coordination with Investor Relations, Legal and Corporate Affairs and Administration Finance and Control, the Media Relation Unit prepares the economic-financial communiqués for the main corporate events, such as the Shareholders’ Meeting, approval of the financial results by the Board of Directors and the publishing of “price-sensitive” news. During the year the Unit maintained relations with the national, international, local and trade media, seeking to establish a mutual respect for roles and cooperation.

Through press articles, television, radio and web services, it provided and increased media coverage of the main events and initiatives carried out by Acea. In particular, it has consolidated relations with the economic-financial press to promote corporate communications, business operations and the Business Plan.

Thanks to a constant exchange of information with the operating companies, Media Relations also provides feedback on reports of inefficiencies that come through emails and direct telephone contacts and those published in newspapers, interacting with the press offices that are available to publish the company’s replies.

Every day, the Unit develops and manages the national and local press review, making it available through the company intranet. This activity is complemented by the transmission of additional and timely information about the Group or relevant to the business managed, thanks to the regular monitoring of press agencies and the web (web news, social media and blogs). Events of particular interest highlighted in 2019 include:

  • the press release to formalize the acquisition of 51% of the company “Pescara gas distribution” which in fact marked ’s full entry into the sector;communications on the 2019-2022 Business Plan approved in April;
  • the press conference and communications for the launch of Acea Energia’s campaign “Acea like us” in June 2019;
  • the press conference and communications on the agreement between Acea, the Lazio Region and Roma Capitale for the renewal of the concession of the Peschiera – Le Capore Aqueduct in July, and in the same month the communications on the acquisition of the company Demap, active in the treatment of plastics;
  • communications regarding the inauguration of the Monterotondo Marittimo composting plant, which was expanded in 2019, and in October on the entry into the full scope of consolidation of the company AdF;
  • communications about the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Acea and Google Cloud to accelerate digital transformation, again in October;
  • the press conference and communications on the exhibition “1909-2019. 110 Years of Light. Acea and Rome. Passion and innovation”;
  • communications in December about the launch of Smart- Comp and the agreement between Acea and Fiera di Roma. 

Media Relations also provided media coverage of the main events and initiatives carried out by Acea through press articles, television, radio and web services, including those in the field of value liberality and sponsorship.


The economic value distributed to the community in 2019 is equal to € 6 million74 (€ 3.9 million in 2018). Of which about 2.7 million were allocated to sponsoring cultural, social and sporting events. The appropriations in the form of donations for major initiatives were equal to € 1.36 million (327,000 in 2018).

Acea provides its services, such as the supply of electricity and water or turning Public Lighting on or off during events that attract a large turnout, of a cultural or sporting nature, or in particular circumstances of a solidarity and symbolic nature. In 2019 these services, called “technical sponsorships”, were worth a total value of 240,760 (€ 116,650 in 2018).

Every year Acea participates in the main events related to its business activities and supports – including with sponsorships – initiatives considered of high cultural, social and sports value for the development of the areas it operates in and for the benefit of the community (see also the boxes at the end of the section). The Sponsorship and Value Liberality Unit has the task of instructing and managing requests from the entire region and from the Group’s corporate structures, to submit them to the Executive Committee, a body with responsibility for Institutional Relations, Sponsorships and Donations. The sponsorship initiatives approved by the Executive Committee are subject to an Integrity Due Diligence, for an ethical and reputational assessment of the proponents, according to best practices.

Among the main events organized in 2019, we highlight the initiative aimed at celebrating 110 years since Acea’s founding and its link to the region it was born in, with the great exhibition “110 Years of Light. Acea and Rome. Passion and Innovation” inaugurated in October at the Montemartini power plant, the first public power station in the capital for the production of electricity (see the box in the Communications sub-section) and the already mentioned initiatives on Innovation and Sustainability, which will be repeated annually to underline the importance that the Company attaches to these two issues. Specifically, Innovation Day, a day dedicated to the new frontiers of artificial intelligence and the use of data that have changed the way of doing business, was held together with some of the main Italian companies in the energy sector, workers, industry press, students, startups and the main protagonists of the innovation ecosystem.

The Sustainibility Day sought to promote a dialogue between institutions, authorities, the world of research and businesses in order to identify innovative solutions to foster industrial and market policies that are increasingly oriented towards sustainable development.

“1909- 2019. 110 Anni di Luce. Acea e Roma. Passione e Innovazione”

For the fourth year running, Acea participated at Ecomondo, the international showcase for the recovery of materials and energy, with a Group booth displaying materials related to the circular economy and organizing workshops on the same subject (see the box in Relations with the Environment), and participated in the Maker Faire Rome technology trade show presenting its innovative projects applied to industrial sectors.

During the year Acea participated in two events that engaged thousands of young people from all over Italy: the 49th edition of the Village of the EarthEarth Day, where it presented the video on water conservation “Let’s defend water” that, with a playful- scientific approach recounts the long journey of water from the spring to the tap at home, and the Roman stage of Sustainability Island, with a space dedicated to workshops and education on composting.

Always attentive to environmental issues and to future evolutions, Acea promoted and took part in important conferences on sustainability and the circular economy, including the technical conference “Closing the Circle: Recover waste to improve Recycling and the Circular Economy in the Paper sector”, organized in Terni by Acea Ambiente, Assocarta and Comieco and held in the historic setting of Palazzo Gazzoli for the Paper and Cardboard Recycling Month. Among the events that have seen Acea at the forefront of promoting the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Rome without losing sight of its innovative and sustainable orientation, we find the hanging of Christmas lights in Via del Corso as part of the project called “Rome by Light Acea” (see the box for details).

In support of youth entrepreneurial initiatives and the promotion of innovation, Acea participated in the Rome Startup Week 2019, the exhibition involving startups, companies, investors, institutions and research centres in support of the startup ecosystem.

On this occasion, an Acea Special Award was presented, also offering the winning team the opportunity to be hosted at the new Talent Garden in Rome Ostiense in a coworking space. In fact, in 2019 Acea launched a partnership with the Talent Garden campus to work together on digital transformation and corporate innovation projects.

In December 2019, Acea also supported the ANGI Prize (National Association of Young Innovators), bearer of a message and a commitment to technological development, giving the award to the winner of the category “Energy & Environment”.

The year also saw support for the main events of national importance related to the businesses managed, such as the Energy Festival and the Water Festival, numerous cultural events and traditional sporting events that Acea has associated the brand with for years, such as the Rome Marathon and the Rome-Ostia Marathon. The following boxes describe the main events supported by the Acea Group in 2019, through sponsorships or donations.


The project called Roma by Light Acea™ was conceived by Studio Medaarch as the winner of the international competition of ideas “Make Christmas Lights Acea”, an initiative promoted and launched by Acea in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome to identify the most innovative, technological and sustainable Christmas lighting to be installed in the centre of the Capital and in the other 14 municipalities.

For the first time, Acea used a creativity contest to engage lighting experts in the decoration of the Capital with Christmas lights, optimising the costs thanks to the direct purchase of the technologies used. The Christmas installations narrated Rome through the images, films and faces of the actors and actresses who made it famous all over the world.

To illuminate the 1,500 metres of Via del Corso, approximately 190 kilometres of optical fibre were used, 115 light beams composed of 300 light tails able to reduce the daily energy consumption of the installation by 45%, and 10 4x2 m LED screens connected to an app. The new lighting system included technological, innovative and interactive lights and LED lighting fixtures with a very low environmental impact.

The app has made it possible to enjoy in real time the special content related to a series of clips taken from Italian and foreign films linked to the history of cinema and Rome.


Sponsor of the Energy Festival that was held in Milan in June 2019, the main national event that brings together representatives of the scientific, academic, institutional and economic worlds with the intent to debate energy issues and promote a new culture of energy in the country (Beulkeand Partners Srl)
Sponsor of the 49th edition of Earth Day Italy, the Village for the Earth, held in the evocative setting of Villa Borghese in Rome in April 2019 (Orion RM Srl – Earth Day Italia Onlus)
Sponsor of the 2019 Water Festival, the conference that hosted more than 150 speakers and representatives of the 500 Italian companies associated with Utilitalia in Bressanone to discuss and debate water cycle issues (Utilitalia in Fieri Srl)
Sponsor of the SIMA Sinergia 2019 conference, with a focus on sustainability management and the creation of shared value in the digital age (Sima)
Sponsor of Rome Startup Week, the festival that promotes relationships and knowledge in the areas of innovation and new entrepreneurship
Sponsor of the 2019 Theatre Season of the Foundation of the Opera House of Rome
Main sponsor of Short Theatre, the event focused on contemporary performing arts that took place in Rome on 5-14 September 2019 in the spaces of La Pelanda, WeGil, Teatro Argentina, Teatro India and Carrozzerie n.o.t. (Area 06)
Sponsor of the 31st edition of the Marisa Bellisario Award, “Women at High Altitude”, promoted by the Bellisario Foundation, which for years has promoted the talent and merit of women
Sponsor of various cultural events that took place in 2019 at the Conciliation Auditorium in Rome, at the Teatro in Ostia (I Borghi) and at the Teatro No’hma in Milan (Teatro No’hma Onlus Pomodoro)
Sponsor of “Witnesses of Witnesses. Remembering and recounting Auschwitz”, the first experiential exhibition conceived by a group of young people from Rome focused on the Journeys of Memory (Palaexpo)
Partner sponsor of the 14th Edition of Rome Film Festival, which took place between 17 and 27 October 2019 (Fondazione Cinema per Rome)
Sponsor of the Rome Lights, which took place to celebrate the holidays between December 2019 and January 2020 (MedaArch)
Sponsor of the 6th Sustainability Island held on 4-7 December 2019 and promoted by universities and research bodies to develop “sustainable
Sponsor of the 13th edition of the Etruria Eco Festival, an event that hosts cultural events in the evocative Legnara park in the historic centre of Cerveteri (Circolo del cinema luce a cavallo)


Support for volunteer work for people with disabilities (Club Hamici)
Contribution for the 17th edition of Fiaba Day held on 06 October 2019 during the national day for breaking physical, cultural, psychological barriers and spread the culture of equal opportunities (Fiaba non-profit)
Support for research centres of the Telethon Foundation, the purpose of which is to study rare genetic diseases
Participation in the AIL Charity Gala, which for the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Italian Association against Leukaemias, Lymphomas and Myeloma organized a gala dinner on 9 April 2019 at Spazio Novecento in Rome the Senate Palace in Rome and the 18th edition of the City against the death penalty with lighting/darkening of the Colosseum
Participation in the World Day against Violence against Women, the European Day of Fragile X Syndrome, World Children’s Day – Go Blue with technical sponsorships, such as the red lighting of the piezometric tower in the Octavia area, the special lighting of the Triton Fountain and
Technical sponsorship, lighting the Colosseum pink, for every weekend of October, in relation to the Pink Ribbon 2019 (LILT – Italian League to fight cancer)


Title sponsor of the 2019 edition of the Rome Marathon, which took place on 7 April 2019 starting from Via dei Fori Imperiali and involved the participation of over 10,000 runners (Fidal)
Sponsor partner of the 45th Rome-Ostia Marathon, held on 10 March 2019 and considered the most important city marathon after the Rome Marathon (RCS)
Sponsoring partner of the 3rd edition of the Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis, which was held in Rome along the streets of the historic centre on 22 September 2019. FIDAL, by means of this race, pursues the message of the Pontifical Council that all religions should come together in the event with a message of peace (FIDAL INFRONT)
Official supplier of A.S. Rome and S.S. Lazio sports season 2018/2019 (Soccer Sas and Infront Italy Srl)
Partner of the International Tennis Championships held in Rome on 12 and 19 May 2019 (FIT)
Title sponsor of edition 2019 of the School Volleyball Tournament-Acea Trophy, dedicated to the secondary schools of Rome and province and run by Fipav Lazio (Fipav Lazio)
Main sponsor of Acea Camp, for students between 6 and 14 years old, to learn of and spread the practice of sporting disciplines. The exhibition took place in Rome between June and July 2019 (Beside Management Srl)
Contribution to sporting activity for season 2019/2020 of S.S.D Santa Lucia, a wheelchair basketball club, active in the Roman sporting panorama since 60s (S.S.D. Santa Lucia Srl)
Contribution for the purchase of electric hockey wheelchairs for children with severe neuromuscular disorders (ASD Thunder Roma Onlus)
Sponsor of the “Six Nations Rugby 2019” tournament (3 matches played in Rome) held in February and March 2019 (FIR)
Support for sports activities and events in the areas outside Rome: fencing (ASD Orvieto Scherma), water polo (FIN Civitavecchia), basketball (ASD Basket Orvieto), football (Frosinone Calcio), walking (ASD Filippide – D. LF Chiusi Avis Castiglione del Lago, Amatori Podistica Terni), cycling (GS Cobram)

72 The new corporate website has been live since 5 June and is active on the same domain as the previous one.
73 Following the publication of the website, it was not possible to track demographics from June to September 2019.
74 This item also includes costs borne for “fairs and conventions” but not “technical” sponsorships.